Audio Accessories

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AHUJA MEGAPHONE PM-99 Works on UM-1 (large) Dry Cells & 12V Car Battery. Longer Battery ..
AHUJA MIC STAND  BMS-101 AHUJA Microphone stand employ sturdy mechanism ensuring trouble ..
AHUJA MICROPHONE  ASM-580XLR Upper mid-range presence peak for intelligible sound and ide..
AHUJA MICROPHONE  AUD-101XLR All purpose PA microphone reproducing intelligible, crisp an..
AHUJA MICROPHONE  AUD-98XLR High output Neodymium cartridge. Excellent intelligibility &a..
AHUJA MICROPHONE  DGN(XM) AHUJA Microphone stand employ sturdy mechanism ensuring trouble..
AHUJA MICROPHONE  PRO-2200SC Great performance PA microphone for live vocal & music. ..
AHUJA MICROPHONE ACM-66CH High quality, heavy duty paging microphone available with or without..
AHUJA MICROPHONE CUM-450 Professional unidirectional highly sensitive electret condenser micro..
AHUJA MICROPHONE SHM-1000XLR Highly sensitive microphone picks up even weak sound from longer ..
 Dual-channel design, dual handheld wireless microphone can be used together without interferen..
TOVASTE 3PC MIC TM311 Specifications = TM 311/311S Type = Dynamic Frequency Response = 80H..
Speaker Cables with OFC Bare Copper Standards ..
SPECIFICATIONS = GD 020 Laser Type = Fire Fly Laser with DMX Laser Output Power = Green 60mW ..
Dry Cell Operation All ABS Body, sturdy yet light weight Built-in Siren & Microphone Cl..
pecifications = VH 3500 Frequency Range = 210 ~ 270 MHz Sensitivity = -90dBm for 60dB AF Ou..
TOVASTE WIRLESS VHF 2 HH MICS VIH-4000 I Specifications = VIH 4000 Frequency Range = 210 ~ 2..
YAMAHA  KEYBOARD ADAPTOR PA-3C/ PA-130A  Input - 120V, 60 H Output - 700Ma  ..